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Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is the governing body for licensed Texas Real Estate Inspectors. If you’re not sure an Inspector is licensed and legal, you can find out at the TREC website. There are many so- called “Inspectors” offering Inspection services that are not even licensed. They have found a legal loop-hole by calling themselves “Property Consultants” or “Home Advisors.”
For years PATH has been writing a monthly advice column on home maintenance. From high energy bills to landscaping to air quality tips, we’ve covered it all. Here you’ll find some of the highlights that will help you keep your home healthy for years to come.
Inspection News is an Inspector to Inspector message board. If you are a home owner, home buyer or DIYer you may post a question but please do it in the appropriate section Titled: “Questions from Home Owners, Home Buyers and DIY”.
National Association of Certified Home Inspectors provides latest home inspection news.
One of the most important things you can do is to make a checklist as you search for, find and buy a home. By keeping on top of your game-plan at all times you will greatly increase your chances of success.
Taking care of residential home foundations & commercial buildings from the foundation up.
Five keys to maintaining your Houston slab foundation. I am a Texas Professional Structural Engineer and I specialize in evaluating the structural performance of…