Being exposed to radon for an extended period can lead to lung cancer. This gas breaks down in the air into diminutive radioactive elements & lodges in the lungs’ lining & then gives off radiation. This radioactivity harms lung cells & ultimately leads to lung cancer. Cigarette smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer in the United States, but radon exposure is the second leading cause.

The only way to evaluate radon levels is through a professional test. The many skilled inspectors at Home Pro Inspections’ extensive network are qualified to test radon levels in your home or office. They are here to help protect your health. A radon test includes placing inspection devices in the habitable areas of your home.

Our home inspector will examine ongoing radon levels, ensuring that they fall within a safe range.


  • Decide whether radon mitigation actions should be taken.
  • Use cutting-edge tools for precise results.
  • Receive specialized training.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of proper radon testing equipment placement.


The most significant exposure to alpha radiation for average citizens comes from the inhalation of radon & its decay products (RDP’s), several of which also emit potent alpha radiation.

This is simply because there are somewhat less or, let’s say, fewer variables in radon measurements. After all, gas concentration is not affected by circulation or plate-out. It is more comfortable making time-weighted radon gas measurements & radon gas measurements to be a great indicator of RDPs.


Identifying radon can be challenging. Because it’s invisible & odorless, only professionally trained radon inspectors are equipped to detect the proper signs & evidence. Home Pro Inspections’ local radon inspectors receive specialized training in testing & inspection best practices & procedures. They carry cutting-edge tools, enabling accurate & complete radon results & effects.

DIY radon measuring kits found at some local hardware stores or online can be cheap but are insufficient for radon testing. They typically require long wait times & mail-in samples. Our professional inspectors at Home Pro Inspection conduct radon tests very efficiently, always giving accurate results so you can understand them completely because we value your health & safety.

Why Do I Need a Commercial Building Inspection?

The purchase of a commercial building is one of the largest single investments you will ever make. You should know what to expect both indoors and out, in terms of current and future repairs and maintenance. Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint could hide serious structural problems, and stains on the ceiling may indicate a chronic roof leakage problem or maybe there because of a single incident.


Inspectors at Home Pro Inspections will interpret these and other clues. They will present their professional opinion related to the condition of the building so you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Of course, our best in class commercial inspection will also point out the positive aspects of a building along with the type of maintenance needed to keep it in good shape. After the inspection, you’ll have a way better understanding of the commercial property you are about to purchase, and you’ll also be able to make your decision with confidence.


As a seller, if you have owned a building for a while, an inspection can identify potential problems during the sale of your building and can recommend preventive measures which might avoid future expensive repairs.

When is the perfect time for a Commercial building inspection?

If you want to rent out your property or put it up for sale, it is best to have the building inspected before setting a price. The findings depicted in your inspection report can influence the value of your property offer. However, Commercial Building Inspections can also be stated under a contract, in which case a predetermined date as part of the transaction.

How long does a building inspection take?

A Commercial Building inspection can be done thoroughly and quickly without any inconvenience. Inspections may take longer with bigger properties, but the experts at Home Pro Inspections are committed to working as efficiently as possible. Other factors that may influence the amount of time an inspection can take include the age of the property and the number of problems encountered.

What If The Report Reveals Problems?

Even if the inspector finds some problems in a building, it doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy it, only that you’ll know in advance what type of repairs to anticipate. A seller may also be willing to make repairs because of significant problems discovered by our inspector. If your budget is tight, or if you do not wish to become involved in any future repair work, you can opt-out of buying this property for you. The choice is yours.

What does Commercial Inspection include?

Home Pro Inspection specializes in Commercial Inspection Services in all commercial property, including Office Buildings, Retail Space, Multi-family Housing, Apartment Complexes, Restaurants, and Industrial Buildings, Senior Housing, Hotels/Motels, Condo Associations, and more. We’ll review all major components of the property and let you know its condition and life expectancy. We can also undertake a Capital Reserve Study and also assist you with gathering cost estimates on the major current or potential future issues so you can plan and budget accordingly.


We’ll review all major components, including but not limited to:

  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Structure
  • Exterior Walls
  • Interior Finishes
  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Fire Protection
  • Elevators
  • Swimming Pools
  • Environmental Site Assessments