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Owning an aquatic facility is a significant investment, so protecting that investment is a heck of a lot important.  Our commercial pool inspections are done by an experienced and certified aquatic inspector.  Home Pro Inspection’s goal is to help our customers better understand the physical condition of the facility & enable them to make educated decisions.  

Only a few things can beat a summer day spent in the pool or a relaxing evening soaking in the spa. Make sure both are ready to be enjoyed with a pool or spa inspection from Home Pro Inspections.

It’s vital that you not only have the pool itself inspected but the equipment as well. You want to be sure that your pool or spa is as safe as it can be for all who use it. Our inspections will ensure that. Plus, our reports are designed to offer all our customers the basic knowledge of how to understand pool operations.

What’s included in a thorough Pool Inspections from Home Pro Inspections?

Our mission is to make sure pools are clean, running properly, and ready to use for everyone who invites us into their backyard. We thoroughly inspect all the components of your pool, including the deck, equipment, electrical systems, cleaning systems, circulation systems, heater, and other accessories (cover, stairs, diving board, and waterfall). We also examine the pool’s safety features, for instance, fences, gates, and doors.

A thorough inspection from us not only includes the pool itself but all the associated surrounding components (fencing, decking, and so on) and equipment (filters, pumps, etc.).  Additionally, the pool inspection should always include leak detection and pressure testing of underground plumbing lines to check for leaks whenever possible.

While inspecting your pool, we’ll look at the following details:

Pool Inspections AUSTIN, TX
  • The visible appearance of tile, deck, and coping
  • Deck equipment condition
  • Water chemistry
  • Safety equipment condition
  • Pump & motor condition
  • Booster pump condition (if present)
  • Pool filter condition
  • Heater condition
  • Lighting & electrical condition
  • Valve functionality

Further, the time of year can significantly affect just how thorough the inspection is, as freezing temps in winter prevent us from starting pools and testing equipment.  In some cases, the presence of snow also prevents us from even removing the winter cover. It means the ideal pool inspection window is mid-spring through late fall.

Why Do You Need a Professional Pool Inspection?

Sometimes home inspectors don’t pay a lot of attention to swimming pools. Thus a professional pool inspection is a crucial step when buying a home with a backyard pool. If you don’t know the history or condition of the installation, our pool inspector will put your mind at ease. Sure, you can spot some obvious issues with an untrained eye, but complex or hidden problems require a professional’s attention. 

The most common reason to schedule a pool inspection is when you’re buying a residential or commercial property with a pool. Even if you just want to check the status of your existing pool, scheduling an inspection is the correct way of moving forward.

Having your pool inspected simply means having an experienced pro from Home Pro looking at every aspect of its condition. We’ll carefully examine every part of your pool from the deck to the deep end so that you can have a visual diagnosis of its condition from a highly trusted source. Apart from looking at the condition of your pool, we’ll make sure it meets all local safety requirements to avoid surprise code violations.

When we finish your inspection, you’ll receive a detailed pool inspection report containing all sorts of information. This information will give you a snapshot of your potential pool’s condition and warn you of potential repair needs & maintenance issues. With our help, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your pool won’t be a hassle but a lot of fun!

Why Choose Home Pro Inspections for Pool Inspection Service in Austin, TX?

Pool Inspections Austin, TX

With over 15 years of experience and an unwavering commitment to honesty, professionalism & attention to detail, you can trust Home Pro Inspection to perform a high-quality pool inspection. We have inspected hundreds of pools throughout Austin, and the nearby counties, satisfying countless customers in the process. Our experts will make your pool everything you want it to be and more!

Home Pro Inspections has redefined commercial and residential pool inspections for aquatic facilities all across Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. Don’t settle for less than a top-quality home inspection team when it comes to getting a professional pool inspection for your residential or commercial pools.

Over the years, we’re proud to have earned the trust of customers throughout Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas with our dedication to service, results, and quality. Call us today to find out more about our pool inspection services and how it’ll help you ensure your new pool isn’t hiding any costly surprises!