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If your home has recently experienced a flood or weathered a devastating storm, mold may have already touched the shore of your home. Whether you can visibly see signs of mold growth or simply want a professional mold inspection, the team at Home Pro Inspections is here to help. Clean, healthy homes are our top priority, and as a Mold testing company, we offer a comprehensive set of services to ensure that your family is safe from the very toxic mold problem.

What is Mold Inspection?

Mold Inspection is a procedure used to determine the presence of mold in a property, and it’s required to be carried out in а new or vacant house. The technique needed to eliminate this problem is also known as “Mold Testing.”

Let’s have а look at the concept of Mold Testing. Mold Inspection & Testing is а process of investigating mold caused mainly by Water damage, flood, and Erosion.

Mold Inspection can also confirm the presence of mold if there is а leakage present in a house for more than 24 hours. It is also required in the case of an unusual smell noticed around the house. Mold Testing is used if you notice a distinctive stain appearing on any furniture or building material at a property. In addition to stains and other visual signs, you should also have conducted when there’s а long-term unknown source of medical illness affecting the people residing in the home.

Why Should You Test for Mold?

Mold testing, along with infrared scans and visual inspection methods, is perhaps the best non-invasive way to assess the extent & types of mold in your home.

Most people test for mold when they smell an unusual odor, see discolored spots or mold spores or become sick for no apparent reason.  Mold growth is often caused or accelerated by moisture. And many people also test for mold after a significant water-related property issue. For instance, heavy rains cause water penetration in the basement, dishwasher floods the kitchen, and washing machines may flood the laundry room.

Testing before remediation helps us to establish baseline conditions and the scope of any possible remediation. And testing after remediation ensures that the mold has been properly mitigated and there’s no mold damage.

What’s included in Mold Testing?

Mold Testing or inspection from Home Pro Inspections offers you a comprehensive understanding of the types and extent of mold in your property.  We at Home Pro Inspections employ a multi-faceted approach to mold testing, including visual examination, infrared inspection, air sampling, and even a surface sampling if needed. We can also ship samples to a qualified lab for results & analysis, which we include in our Mold Assessment report.  If we identify an issue, we’ll provide you with specific recommendations and steps to move forward.

Some reasons why should hire us for Mold Inspection/Mold Testing

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Moisture Detection

Where we find mold, moisture is probably the reason for it. We try to locate the source of moisture and identify hidden water intrusion sources so that our mold investigation stays focused and on the right path. Where there’s water damage from a flood, leak, or natural event, we can inspect the water damage and identify the presence of mold and accordingly make recommendations on the best possible way to return the home or office to a healthy state.

Infrared Technology

We use FLIR infrared camera technology to make our inspection services technologically advanced and best in class. This advanced, non-invasive technology allows our mold inspectors to zero in and identify potential sources of moisture to determine testing & sampling investigations more accurately. As a result, it allows us to make conclusions and recommendations for action during the inspection.

Certified Mold Inspectors

We value certification, knowledge, and experience. High-quality mold inspections require all three. Each of our inspectors is a Certified Mold Inspector (ACAC and MICRO). It’s essential to engage the services of our professional and certified mold inspector from Home Pro Inspections to protect your liability, property, and health.

No Conflict of Interest

We don’t perform mold remediation or repair & construction. We have no interest in the outcome of our inspection. We ensure that you have the information needed to return your home or office to a healthy state. Our expertise is all we need, and we never have a conflict of interest concerning our findings and recommendations. Our approach is science-based, and we do only inspections and testing, never remediation.

We are the #1 company for Mold Inspection in Austin, TX!

At Home Pro Inspections, we offer consultation, mold inspection, mold detection, and mold testing services to residential and commercial property owners. Our services are available to individuals or businesses in Austin, Texas, that have detected or suspected the presence of mold around their property. Mold problem is pretty serious business, don’t play with your health; call us today and get your home or office tested for mold now.