We provide guidance for all legal construction issues

At Home Pro Inspections, we provide clients with comprehensive assistance on all construction matters. Our construction litigation-advocacy can give legal advice to give our clients the edge they need for success.

We work with legal teams who possess expertise in handling everything from contract disputes to construction defect claims, as well as foreclosure actions & liability claims. We can help with every construction issue. 


We work with legal teams who have experience in managing multimillion-dollar cases for both plaintiffs & defendants. Also, we can work with law firms to represent the two most extensive education construction programs in the nation.

Regardless of the case, we are committed to success. And we achieve such success through our R.I.S.C. methodology, where R.I.S.C. stands for:

  • Researching options and identifying possible benefits
  • Investigating property information and risks
  • Selecting the best course of action
  • Contract negotiations and drafting

This approach helps us to plan for construction programs effectively, secure fair contracts, minimize risk, & resolve disputes.

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At Home Pro Inspections, we help private construction project and public works projects owners through any legal matter, including:

  • Drafting Construction Documents & Contracts

Procuring proper documents and contracts is essential to construction work, as private companies and public works projects can get into legal troubles if they don’t procure them. At Home Pro Inspections, we provide comprehensive service and always make sure that you have the correct documents & legal contracts before you move forward with your project.

  • Dismissing Lawsuits

Home Pro Inspections has had great success in rejecting lawsuits before clients have to respond. Mostly, these lawsuits relate to disputes between contractors or residential or commercial construction defects involving structural failure, mold, and landscaping issues.

In the most basic sense, we can help clients dismiss lawsuits before a responsive pleading is due. In these situations, we can help you write strong-worded demand letters that contain well-reasoned arguments explaining why a complaint is without merit. 

  • Successfully Resolving Cases Early Through Mediation

We have resolved numerous construction matters, both private and public, mostly by getting the other side to participate in early mediation. While meditating, we strategically gain leverage to obtain economically favorable settlements for our clients. The first resolution through mediation frequently saves clients time and money in potential attorney fees and costs.

  • Obtaining Stipulated Judgments and Avoiding Trial

We often get stipulated judgments against defendant contractors that wish to avoid trial. We have helped in the negotiation of such settlements in many diverse areas such as:

  • Freeway projects
  • Other public works projects
  • U.S. Navy housing projects
  • High school projects
  • Museum projects

These types of arrangements may include payment schedules, upfront amounts, and an executed stipulated fraud judgment held in the trust to be filed in the event of nonpayment.

  • Hearings and Public Contract Code Penalties

Home Pro Inspections can work with legal teams which represent public entity owners and general contractors in administrative hearings regarding the following issues:

  • Substitution of listed subcontractors
  • Contractor licensing
  • Bid protests
  • Prevailing wage violations
  • Assignment of subcontracts
  • Penalties for alleged statutory violations of the Business and Professions Code, the Public Contract Code, and the Labor Code

Plus, we have a considerable amount of experience on behalf of clients on both sides of these issues, and this has made us extremely effective.

  • Outstanding Wage Issues

We can work with people who have tremendous experience in representing public entities and private contractors in disputes arising under many of the state’s Labor Code’s provisions governing the payment of prevailing wages on public works construction projects.

Their experience mainly includes assisting public entity labor compliance officers in:

  • The determination, recovery & disbursement of back wages and statutory penalties.
  • Their investigation of Labor Code compliance.
  • The representation of public entities in review hearings before the Department of Industrial Relations & writ proceedings at the trial and further at the appellate court levels.

We Can Help You in Construction Defect Litigation

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At Home Pro Inspections, we provide a vigorous, results-oriented approach in all types of construction defect claims. We know all of the major construction industry players, including general contractors, subcontractors, material supply houses, and architectural firms. Our real strength lies in our intimate knowledge of all existing construction materials and techniques. Also, we understand how they are supposed to work together and what can go wrong in construction projects.

We Defend the Following Types of Construction Law Litigation Claims

  • Architect and design professionals’ errors and omissions
  • Bid disputes
  • Delay damages claims
  • Contract Disputes Act claims
  • Discrimination claims according to the Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Miller Act claims
  • Mold claims
  • Alleged personal injury and property damage claims resulting from the construction process or design error

Home Pro Inspection works with legal teams who are trained in architecture or engineering and provide an invaluable level of experience to our clients when facing construction claims.  No matter whether you need negotiating a construction contract or litigating a construction dispute, we can work with legal teams and construction lawyers. They are knowledgeable counselors dedicated to providing the most cost-effective solution for our clients.

Home Pro Inspections can help plaintiffs and defendants in litigation involving:

  • Foundation settling
  • Water influx
  • Drainage problems and grading issues
  • Design defects
  • Defective construction materials
  • Other types of construction defect claims


Construction Management Consulting Austin, TX

With our extensive knowledge of construction materials & techniques, we can quickly identify the critical issues in a construction defect case and develop an optimal legal strategy. So, if needed, to prove your case, we will retain the services of industry experts who can provide insights and testimony. We aim to represent you and help you achieve your goal in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

We have the experience you can depend on

At Home Pro Inspections, our construction law experience is broad and deep. We can stand as an expert witness in trials and work with legal teams to represent participants in the construction industry, including contractors and subcontractors, but also architects, material suppliers, banks, engineers, owners, developers, sureties, and insurance companies. Construction litigation lawsuits include a variety of claims, although most are grounded in breach of contract, negligence, and professional negligence.

We have Areas of Specialized Knowledge

Home Pro Inspection prides itself on careful, upfront analysis of complicated delay claims to identify a client’s potential recovery or damage exposure. We possess vast experience in helping real estate homeowners, contractors owners, developers, and subcontractors, design professionals, commercial property, materials manufacturers (who concern themselves with the construction of high-rise and other residential developments), condominium conversions of older rental property, and mixed-use projects & governmental buildings focused in the following areas:

  • Design and construction defects and deficiencies relating to both residential and commercial construction, which primarily includes exterior envelope deficiencies resulting in water intrusion, fire & structural life safety issues, etc.
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes, i.e., negotiating and resolving insurance claims relating to rebuilding
  • Construction Delays
  • Liens
  • Hurricane Recovery & Rebuilding
  • Mold & Mildew claims
  • Construction Contracts & related documents including loan documentation

We can easily Navigate Issues with Experience

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We have prevailed by standing as an expert witness in complex construction cases before courts, juries, administrative bodies, and arbitration panels in multiple locations.

Our litigation experience informs everything we do, which includes mastering the tools & techniques to provide more accurate and informed early case assessments, capture the “all-in” costs associated with litigation, and, the most important of them all, identify the core themes and supporting facts that will win a case. It also translates into better results in our contract drafting and project management. 

We can see the problems before they develop. In turn, this helps us in advising clients on how to avoid disputes, and how to resolve them, and finally, how to draft and administer contracts.

We negotiate and document all types of contracts for complex construction projects; a few examples of such projects are construction services, construction management, technical assistance agreements, design, and design/build. Along with that, there are engineer-procure-construct-manage (EPCM), and facilities management contracts project finance (off-balance-sheet, build-own-operate-transfer) deals. 

Unlike others, every drafter of contracts and adviser on project administration is an experienced litigator with technical or design backgrounds. Plus, we work with experts who know how to craft agreements and positions that can stand up to disputes and litigation. This is because we’ve seen first-hand how contract terms can lead to future problems, so we’re better prepared to prevent them upfront and to assess what issues are likely to cause real problems later.


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Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, we will work diligently to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for alternative dispute resolution and to arrange a free consultation to discuss your concerns. We provide efficient and proactive services for all of our clients.