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Whether you’re buying, selling, or building a home or office in Creedmoor TX, it is essential to opt for a complete and thorough inspection to ensure the safety of your family.

Home Pro Inspections, located in Austin, provides detailed and accurate reporting for any type of inspection you need. If you’re purchasing your first home, managing an investment property, or are about to enjoy your retirement home, you would like to have a peace of mind that comes with knowing that the home is safe & secure. No home is perfect, and we’ll discuss all findings with you during the inspection and comprehensively present them.

We can also provide detailed, informative reports to you and your real-estate Agent quickly about your upcoming purchase or investment. If you’re looking for a home inspector with integrity, a commitment to working efficiently and without bias, then Home Pro Inspections is the right choice for you.

Professional Creedmoor Home Inspectors & Commercial Building Inspectors You Can Count on

Our professional and highly experienced team of inspectors is committed to providing you with an in-depth & detailed inspection report on all the components of your home or business. We can also offer maintenance tips that will help add value and longevity to your investment.

After completing your residential or commercial inspection, we’ll educate you to make sure you know what is necessary to make a confident decision when purchasing such a major investment.

All Our Inspectors Are:

Fully Licensed And Insured

Trained To The Highest Standards

Equipped With The Most Advanced Tools

We have over 10 Years of Industry Experience in Serving Creedmoor Homes & Businesses

Nathan Vick started Home Pro Inspections in 2011. He is the President of Home Pro Inspections, and he received his Professional Home Inspector’s License from the Texas Inspectors Licensure Board governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. He quickly became a leading home & commercial inspector in Central Texas.

We Serve Creedmoor and other areas in Central Texas

Home Pro Inspections is committed to providing professional, comprehensive, and unbiased inspections. Our professional inspection services are provided proudly in Hays, Travis, Comal, Bastrop, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Burnet, Blanco, Kendall, and nearby Counties. However, we are licensed in the state of Texas and will travel outside our familiar territories to meet the needs of our clients for a minimal fuel charge.

Services we offer:

Home Inspection Austin, TX

Consider a Seller Inspection or pre-listing home inspection if you want the sale process will go smoothly and quickly. Before home inspections were standard, sellers had no reason to disclose the condition of their property. Most buyers also want a home inspection to understand what they are buying. They often renegotiate based on the inspection results. So it makes sense to have an inspection at the beginning of the sales process.

A pre-listing inspection is the same as a residential home buyer’s inspection. The only difference is the information obtained for the seller. The seller can use this information to fix or repair any items before getting a willing & able buyer because eventually, your buyers will conduct an inspection. You might be aware that they are going to find it by getting there first. Schedule your Seller Home Inspection Creedmoor, Texas Today!

A seller inspection report brings more buyers to the table, creating a better negotiating environment for sellers and buyers. When the home’s condition is disclosed at the beginning rather than the end of the process, things tend to move quickly and smoothly, which is a win-win situation, with less liability for all.

Our home inspection will protect and serve your most significant investment. Buying a new home is one of the most exciting things you do in life, with plenty to celebrate and discover your new neighbors and community. When it comes to ensuring that you & your family have a safe and reliable home for the foreseeable future, the inspectors at Home Pro Inspections leave nothing to the imagination. 

While you’re in the process of buying a home and probably engaging in the largest transaction you’ll ever make in your life, are you going to want an inspector who simply gets the job done? Of course not!

At Home Pro Inspections, we pride ourselves on being among the best in the quality and breadth and depth of information we provide to our clients about their prospective new homes!

The last thing you’ll want to experience is worrying and stressing about discovering the need for unexpected repairs. Our home inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, helping you to understand the property’s current condition fully. All our home inspectors are highly-trained, experienced, and certified beyond the industry’s highest standards.

commercial building inspection services

As commercial inspectors in Austin, Texas, we at Home Pro Inspections inspect everything from restaurants to office buildings, strip malls, industrial building inspections & just about any commercial application out there. Investing in a commercial building inspector who possesses the knowledge and expertise to provide you an accurate report and assessment of the commercial property is your best bet.

When looking for an Creedmoor commercial inspector, the experience is critical. At Home Pro Inspections, we have been offering commercial real estate inspections in Creedmoor, TX, for over 10 years. Additionally, we are quite aware that knowledge, accuracy, and turn time are important factors when choosing your Lockhart commercial building inspectors.

Home Pro Inspections offers a vast amount of commercial inspection services to its clients. We provide integrity and credibility and years of expertise as a commercial inspector in Creedmoor, TX. We can also provide you with a timely and efficient inspection experience.

We’ll also tailor-make the inspection to suit the needs of the client and the commercial application that applies. We’ll take care of everything for you from structure to foundation to all the additional particulars that go into commercial property inspection versus a typical home inspection. If you want a qualified professional to handle your commercial building inspection needs in Creedmoor, TX, then call us today.

At Home Pro Inspections, we can offer you comprehensive assistance on all construction matters. Our construction litigation-advocacy can give legal advice to provide our clients with the edge they need for success. We work with legal teams who have the expertise to handle everything from contract disputes to construction defect claims, foreclosure auctions, and liability claims – we can help with every construction issue. 

At Home Pro Inspections, we provide a robust, result-oriented approach in all types of construction defect claims. We know all major construction industry players, including general contractors, subcontractors, architectural firms, and material supply houses. Our real strength lies in our intimate knowledge of all the construction materials and techniques out there. We understand how they’re supposed to work together and what could go wrong in construction projects.

We at Home Pro Inspections can also stand as an expert witness in trials and work with legal teams to represent participants in the construction industry, including contractors and architects, owners, developers, banks, engineers, sureties, and insurance companies.

We can help you in a wide variety of construction litigation matters; get in touch with us today for alternative dispute resolution and to arrange a free consultation to discuss your concerns.

industrial building inspection

Construction management is the art and science of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the building project while using all available resources to achieve all your goals. By delivering many projects successfully, rest assured our construction management and consulting services will provide you with many benefits.

Sorting through the everyday challenges that owners and consultants encounter during the construction process, from the initial concept to project closeout, Home Pro Inspections will assist you in coordinating the building process to mitigate all the complex problems.

Construction Management has a significant impact on construction project success. We will implement the best tools to ensure that construction projects stay on track. Our Construction Management team is well prepared to handle a variety of situations. We help construction companies in Creedmoor, TX, develop and improve project control systems to mitigate risk and avoid costly litigation.

Keeping construction projects on track requires careful planning. And proper construction management is essential throughout the entire project, from planning to the final review. We offer these services to construction companies in Creedmoor, so they have quality leaders who know about construction projects. Our experts will also work directly with your team to handle a variety of needs.

termite inspection

Don’t let pests keep you from buying a dream home — or drive you out of it. Every year thousands of homes in Central Texas are attacked by termites, causing millions of dollars in damage, which is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance. The first step in protecting one’s home from insect invasion is a thorough inspection by our licensed inspector. 

The damage caused by these wood-destroying insects can go unseen for months or years.  Termite colonies never stop; they work 24/7. Signs of termite infestations can go undiscovered until severe damage is done, as well.  

If you live in Texas, you will get termites or other wood-destroying insects. Therefore, it is wise to have your property inspected by our licensed inspector who can detect the presence of termites or other wood-destroying insects. Our inspection reports are detailed, easy to read, and categorized for easy understanding.

A termite inspection is performed to identify past or current infestation and conditions conducive to infestation. Home Pro Inspection Services specializes in termite inspections. We represent buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. If you’re buying or selling a home, it is in your best interest to have a termite inspection before closing. In any case, a termite inspection is required by many lenders before approving loan funding.

For years we have provided thorough home assessments throughout Central Texas. Contact Home Pro Inspections to schedule a termite inspection at your property in Boerne and the surrounding area.

A Capital Reserve Study by Home Pro Inspections can improve your property’s financial planning and facilities management by providing a clear & understandable funding plan for future replacement of capital items. 

People who invest their life-savings in buying a property have a fiduciary obligation to protect and grow the assets. We also believe that the condition of those physical assets is directly correlated to long-term success. A professional Capital Reserve Study from Home Pro Inspections includes an accurate inventory of the physical assets, assessing their condition, and thorough documentation of life expectancy and replacement costs.  

After we finish, you’ll have a clear picture of how much capital you’re going to need and when you’ll require it. Planning for future replacement of items such as roofs and mechanical systems also requires a proper assessment of not only the future costs but also an analysis of their life expectancy based on the current physical condition. We’ll assist you in developing a financial funding plan that works for your property.

An improperly built foundation is potentially a problem that can threaten your building’s overall structural integrity. But a thorough foundation inspection from Home Pro Inspections can spot these problems.

When checking the structure of a building’s foundation, the factors contributing to a foundation’s strength and stability are involved. Thus, our inspector will look at the foundation’s footers to ensure that they’re at the proper depth and project the proper distance from the foundation walls. The walls should be correctly centered on the footers as well. Our inspector will also examine the foundation walls to ensure that they’re constructed from the proper material and have proper thickness according to the surrounding soil conditions.

When you contact Home Pro Inspections for a foundation inspection, we’ll begin by examining both the interior and exterior of your home. While examining the interior, we’ll look for several issues including cracks in the walls or ceiling, how well the windows and doors open and close, and looking for water damage, mold, or soft spots on the floor. During our external examination of your home, we’ll look for things like external cracks or fissures on the outside walls, bulging walls, unstable slopes, crumbling concrete, and water drainage and irrigation issues

Pool Inspections Austin, TX

Owning an aquatic facility is a significant investment, so protecting that investment is a heck of a lot important. Our commercial pool inspections are done by an experienced and certified aquatic inspector. Home Pro Inspection’s goal is to help our customers better understand the physical condition of the facility & enable them to make educated decisions.

Only a few things can beat a summer day spent in the pool or a relaxing evening soaking in the spa. Make sure both are ready to be enjoyed with a pool or spa inspection from Home Pro Inspections.

It’s vital that you not only have the pool itself inspected but the equipment as well. You want to be sure that your pool or spa is as safe as it can be for all who use it. Our inspections will ensure that. Plus, our reports are designed to offer all our customers the basic knowledge of how to understand pool operations.

home inspection tips first time buyers

Mold Inspection is a procedure used to determine the presence of mold in a property, and it’s required to be carried out in а new or vacant house. The technique needed to eliminate this problem is also known as “Mold Testing.”

Let’s have а look at the concept of Mold Testing. Mold Inspection & Testing is а process of investigating mold caused mainly by Water damage, flood, and Erosion.

Mold Inspection can also confirm the presence of mold if there is а leakage present in a house for more than 24 hours. It is also required in the case of an unusual smell noticed around the house. Mold Testing is used if you notice a distinctive stain appearing on any furniture or building material at a property. In addition to stains and other visual signs, you should also have conducted when there’s а long-term unknown source of medical illness affecting the people residing in the home.

If you want to any of the Residential and Commercial Inspection Service mentioned above, contact us now. We’ll make sure your home is safe, your investment is secured, and you have peace of mind.