Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspection

We believe in thorough, visual home inspection of a property’s interior and exterior, often performed during the contract review period. Then, Condominium inspections may include common areas, and it can also consist of a checklist of findings, detailed home manual, and telephone support for the duration of property ownership. Plus, we at Home Pro make sure that you completely understand the home inspection process from start to finish.

Commercial Building Inspection

Home Pro also offers commercial inspections. Moreover, we pay close attention to detail and budget figures to allow buyers or investors to make a perfect business decision within a specific economic context or negotiate the latent deficiencies carefully. Nearly all of our commercial inspections discover latent deficiencies, and approximately 80% of our clients negotiate price or condition afterwords. All these services are offered at less than the cost of an engineering inspection, which would not include price figures. Home Pro also inspects Malls, Multi-Unit Buildings, Strip Centers, Church’s, etc. 

Construction Consulting (Phase Inspections)

We make sure that visual monitoring of a new home construction or the building is done according to conventional practices, relevant codes, and construction standards. We include some of the following in the Consultation: written report, checklists, and photographs. Also, reports are delivered the same day as the phase inspection. This type of inspection is generally done on new construction, commercial work, gut rehab jobs, and inspections investigating a particular problem, etc.

Capital Reserve Study

We always start with a detailed inspection of the entire complex/building to help determine future budgets for reserve funds, which includes narrative reports photographs, and cost figures. The intent of the Capital Reserve Study (CRS) is to visually screen for “exposed to view” readily accessible systems of the common area of the property, which may need significant repair and or are “significantly deficient” or life safety problems. We also provide data on life expectancy of materials and remaining useful life in all these areas and develop a budget or repair-replacement figure for over 10 years. Additionally, Capital Reserve Studies are included in Commercial Inspections.

Legal Construction Litigation Advocacy - Plaintiff/Defendant

Expertise to support or refute arguments in a court case that relate to a property’s condition or inspection, and the subsequent results. May include property inspection(s), written reports, checklists, blueprint review, etc.

Selling Your House

Home Pro offers the most complete home inspection available within the home inspection community, and for the most affordable price. If you want to know what is wrong with your property before you sell it, then you should call Home Pro. Typically the problems discovered are repaired or disclosed to the new buyer before he/she signs the contract. Our experience is that disclosure engenders trust between buyer and seller. If you want to sell and increase the trust levels for a better deal try telling potential buyers what is wrong with your house; we all know instinctively that there must be a few things.

Environmental Testing

Home Pro has developed a unique “team management” approach to environmental hazards when more than a visual exam is needed. Using our trained inspectors and working with local laboratories we have developed an industry standard second to none. This service could be used in a courtroom or for commercial property inspections. Working with local labs and licensed professionals the Home Pro investigation will be thorough and precise. As is always the case our reputation for straight dealing will be protected while we offer you the best analysis available. Call us for a quote.