3 Things A Home Inspection Report Means for Your Purchase or Sale

home inspection report


A house is an enormous investment with a lot of things have to happen before you get your keys. Knowing this, we want to tell you what the home inspection report means for your purchase or sale. 

A house is more than a place to cover your head and live. It is where your family gathers, where you make precious memories, and where you watch your children grow up. Having your home inspected before purchase is instrumental in the steps to achieve the comfort and livelihood desired for you and your family. A home inspection notes the condition of a real estate property in detail, allowing the parties involved to have a realistic overview of its structures.  

Some things a qualified home inspector will check on when assessing a property are the plumbing, the heating and cooling systems, electrical system sewage, and fire and safety problems. The inspector will also look for damages that could affect the overall value of the property, such as insects, water, or fire damage. Homebuyers will hire home inspectors to research a property and provide them with a written inspection report detailing the property’s condition. This report will help you decide if the property is worth the investment. 

Why The Home Inspection Report Matters

 Home prices are not cheap on local markets and even international markets. One of the worst situations to be in is to purchase a home and then be stuck with costly repairs. Some issues can even violate state and city laws, leaving you with a property you’re not able to occupy. Homeowners insurance will also be hard to come by if the building is not up to code. What will that mean for you and your family? You find a home because you want to feel secure. Will this situation make you feel secure? 

The home inspection report allows you to know the condition of the property, the cost to resolve issues, if any, to determine whether it is worth the investment or if you should delay the sale. You can also seek to deduct the repair costs out of the cost of the property. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what is going on. 

On the day of the inspection, you don’t need to be present, but we suggest you are. It doesn’t take more than a few hours and it gives your home inspector the opportunity to show you how things work around the house. 

 It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions along the way and really understand what the inspector finds versus just reading through their report after.

Benefits of a Home Inspection Report


You might look at a home inspection now and think to yourself that it’s too costly but look at it this way, the money you spend on the inspection now will save you a lot on home repairs later. In homes that require an upgrade, the home inspector comes in handy because they can use the inspection as a means for future planning. Everything in your home has a life expectancy, a detailed inspection report can help you to plan for future expenses for things like the house’s furnace and roof. 

Confidence About your Purchase

A buyer will seem confident with their purchase after the help of the inspection rendered. Home inspections eliminate buyer’s remorse as you are fully aware of what you are signing up for. Also, the decision of buying is really important, so having it inspected is one of the first things to do because of its level of importance in decision making. Give your self the peace of mind by making the choice and being confident in your purchase. 

Fix Issues

Home inspectors are invaluable to home buyers and sellers during the inspection process, so not to worry- they have your best interest at heart. It is their job to ensure you are aware of all the issues regarding the property. 

A home inspector can assess major defects, safety issues, and potential threats. He can pinpoint problems and offer suggestions on how to deal with them. He can also identify code violations on the property. This information can help a homebuyer make an accurate decision on their home purchase. A buyer may think he’s buying a perfect home, but trouble may lurk under the drywall.

Experienced home inspectors can spot the most subtle signs and identify what’s behind a wall without having to open it up. A red flag to look for when buying a home is structural problems. If the structural elements that make up the house are not in sound condition, the inspection report will show it. This information will give you the opportunity to fix the issues, ask the seller to fix them or have the costs deducted from the purchase price.

Your Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report is an asset you must ensure you have in your possession. It is used to identify any issues with a property before purchasing or selling. The Inspectors at Home Pro Inspections will do a thorough interior and exterior inspection on any home you plan on purchasing. 

A home inspection can’t identify everything that may be wrong with the property, but it can find most issues such as the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, the laundry room, kitchen appliances, fire safety and bathroom, plumbing, structural issues, etc. Whatever the situation, addressing issues early through a home inspection can save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road. Contact us to get your home inspection and peace of mind.