Home Pro Inspections holds its reputation by providing a complete, accurate, and trustworthy inspection of every home we inspect. 


Home Pro Inspections is one of the leading Home Inspection company in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas located in Buda, Texas. Over the years, we have provided home buyers and owners with fruitful information to make better decisions. Our home inspectors maintain very high standards for quality home inspections. Our quality and reputation speaks for itself. Moreover, over 80% of our business comes from word of mouth referrals generated by clients, real estate agents, engineers,  attorneys, and architects.

Buying a property is a huge financial responsibility. Our home inspectors, located in Buda, TX, can evaluate the condition of the property you’re looking to buy so that you know what you’re getting into before you hand over that down payment. When you work with the best in class home inspector from Home Pro Inspections, you get a highly knowledgeable professional who knows what to look for in both new and old properties. Whether you’re buying your first home or adding to your real estate portfolio, it is crucial to have a home inspector from our team to inspect your property before you finalize your real estate transaction. Sometimes, a home inspection by our experts can uncover a serious flaw that compromises the structure or value of the property you’re seeking to purchase, So Why take a chance?


A home inspection usually includes an examination of the foundation and basement, roof, attic, electrical and plumbing systems, heating and water systems, along with the general condition of your home’s structure itself. For a condo, it typically includes plumbing, electrical, heating, deck, and other interior components of the unit, plus garage (and roof if access is permissible.) Our inspector will look for poor construction practices and make a note of any general maintenance issues or any repairs that might be required. Importantly, they will also make a note of any fire and safety issues that need to be addressed. A standard home inspector’s report covers the condition of the home’s central air conditioning system (temperature permitting), heating system, the roof, attic, and visible insulation, interior plumbing system, electrical system, windows and doors, walls, ceilings, floors, and the foundation, basement & structural components. Further, home inspection requirements can vary greatly from state to state. But the Standards of Practice outlines minimum & uniform standards that you should expect from an inspection. Your home’s inspection from us will include:

Structural Elements

It includes the construction of the visible foundation, evidence of sagging or bowing of the structure, walls, ceilings, stairs, drainage systems, floors, and floor framing, and window alignment.


Proper drainage, condition of the house’s driveways, fences, and sidewalks and Leaks from the septic tank.

Roof & Attic

Any repairs/patches to flat roofs, clear vents, damage to chimneys, condition of shingles, and properly working gutters.

Interior plumbing

There should be no damaged or leaking pipes, proper hot water temperature, as well as functioning toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

Exterior surfaces

It includes the condition of exterior paint or siding, and properly working lights and electrical outlets and correct clearance between ground and siding material.


Fire & carbon monoxide alarms, garage door openers, and fire sprinklers, condition of stairs, & hand and guardrails should be fully operational.

Electrical System

This system should have up-to-code conditions and type of visible wiring and proper function of circuit breakers, light fixtures, outlets, and fans.


Proper function built-in and freestanding appliances (stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, and all other appliances).

Heating & Cooling

Condition of the furnace, water heater, air conditioning (temperature permitting), chimney, and fireplace.


Up-to-code electrical system & proper functioning outlets with a solid foundation, roof condition, windows, ceiling, framing, working garage door opener.


No signs of water intrusion or damage, walls, and floors, with a solid foundation, of course.

Insulation & ventilation

Insulation in unfinished attic and foundation areas, bath, kitchen, and laundry venting systems, along with the presence of ventilation fans, will also be checked.

Mission: Home Pro Inspections

Our mission is to provide the most professional, informative, and dedicated Home Inspection service in Texas. For us, the best interests of our clients always come first, and we place our clients’ concerns ahead of our own by providing accurate & up-to-date information, skilled analysis, sound real estate advice, and continuous exploration of new developments and technologies in the home inspection industry.

We dedicate ourselves to develop a long-term relationship with our client. Our team-approach & philosophy ensures your needs are essential to each member of our organization. And finally, we believe that our home inspection business can be successful for generations only if we continue a Tradition of Trust.

Home Pro Inspections Offers Numerous Inspection Services to Fit Your Needs

Residential Home Inspection Austin, TX

We believe in thorough, visual home inspection of a property’s interior and exterior, often performed during the contract review period. Then, Condominium inspections may include common areas, and it can also consist of a checklist of findings, detailed home manual, and telephone support for the duration of property ownership. Plus, we at Home Pro make sure that you completely understand the home inspection process from start to finish.

Commercial Building Inspection Austin, TX

Commercial Building Inspection Austin, TX

Home Pro also offers commercial inspections. Moreover, we pay close attention to detail and budget figures to allow buyers or investors to make a perfect business decision within a specific economic context or negotiate the latent deficiencies carefully. Nearly all of our commercial inspections discover latent deficiencies, and approximately 80% of our clients negotiate price or condition afterwords. All these services are offered at less than the cost of an engineering inspection, which would not include price figures. Home Pro also inspects Malls, Multi-Unit Buildings, Strip Centers, Church’s, etc. 

Construction Consulting (Phase Inspections)

We make sure that visual monitoring of a new home construction or the building is done according to conventional practices, relevant codes, and construction standards. We include some of the following in the Consultation: written report, checklists, and photographs. Also, reports are delivered the same day as the phase inspection. This type of inspection is generally done on new construction, commercial work, gut rehab jobs, and inspections investigating a particular problem, etc.

Construction Consulting Austin, TX
Capital Reserve Study

Capital Reserve Study

We always start with a detailed inspection of the entire complex/building to help determine future budgets for reserve funds, which includes narrative reports photographs, and cost figures. The intent of the Capital Reserve Study (CRS) is to visually screen for “exposed to view” readily accessible systems of the common area of the property, which may need significant repair and or are “significantly deficient” or life safety problems. We also provide data on life expectancy of materials and remaining useful life in all these areas and develop a budget or repair-replacement figure for over 10 years. Additionally, Capital Reserve Studies are included in Commercial Inspections.

Termite Inspection Austin, TX

Nobody likes dealing with pests and bugs that go bump in the night. You simply want them off your property as quickly and as affordable as possible. We get it. At Home Pro Inspections, our professionals are one call away for your Termite Inspection needs in Austin, TX, and other surrounding areas. From termites to ants to rodents to bats & bed bugs, we have the right tools and experience to examine your home correctly. We promise to do everything possible to make sure that your home or office is pest-free.


Our Values

At Home Pro Inspections, our home inspectors are committed to the following values to guide our daily decisions and actions:


At Home Pro Inspections, we employ the highest level of ethical standards, demonstrating fairness & honesty in every action that we take.


We accept our responsibilities individually, and we always meet our commitments by taking full responsibility for our performance in all of our actions & the decisions that we make.

Excellent Client Service

We are committed to our clients best interests as we have made this our top priority. Our key to long-term growth is maintained through excellent Client Service.


We honor our clients and the community by believing in them. We treat others with the highest degree of dignity, trust & equality.


We creatively deliver value to our clients and the community. We always try to anticipate change and capitalize on the many opportunities that arise with it.


We connect with our clients and community, and we find common ground, and we always try to build a census.

Things to know before a home inspection

Sometimes buying & selling a home can be full of ups & downs, stresses,but with rewards, including the inspection. Home inspection services are a chance for an outside opinion and anunbiased professional insight on the condition of your home. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the home inspection process, so you know what to expect.
How to Prepare for Your Home Inspection?

A home inspector goes through a comprehensive checklist. Nothing is hidden from them, and they look at literally everything. You should prepare for the inspection beforehand to avoid unnecessary blemishes on the report.

Here are some things to double-check before your home inspection:

  • Keep receipts of any maintenance or routine services you’ve ever had on your premises will help. Organize them and have them ready to show to inspectors and buyers. For example, furnace serviced, chimney sweep, filters changed in HVAC, water heater serviced, etc.
  • Clear out the clutter in spaces like the attic, garage, basement, and crawl spaces as our inspectors will need to get in there to check for moisture or perhaps damage. If they can’t access it, they’ll just mark it as “uninspectable,” which could prolong the inspection process.
  • Check for clogs by running waterin every sink and bath. Clear any minor clogs before the inspection, as it can signify a plumbing issue in the report.
  • Replace the filters in the HVAC system. Dirty air filters can compromise the air quality in your home and will raise a red flag for the inspector.
  • Make sure the inspector can access the furnace, electrical panel, and water heater.
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working and not burnt out. If your light bulbs don’t work, it could be a sign of electrical issues.
  • Slope dirt away from the foundation on the exterior to avoid basement water issues, which many inspectors look for.
  • Proactively address any bugs, especially carpenter ants or termites. In any case, any sign of an infestation is bad for your house.
  • Put a cap on unused gas lines, chimneys, and flues to prevent debris and clogs. If the caps or lids are missing, toxic fumes could be released into the house.
  • Trim trees or low-hanging branches that are too close to the roof. They can increase the possibility of roof damage and give rodents access to chimneys and other openings.
  • Repair any cracked windows and broken screens.
  • Lock up pets while the inspector is doing his/her job.
Why do homebuyers need a home inspection?

Buying a home is sometimes the largest single investment a homebuyer ever makes. Homebuyers should strive to learn as much as they can about the house before buying it to help minimize unpleasant surprises as well as unexpected difficulties. A home inspection may identify the need for major repairs, and maybe the need for maintenance to keep it in good shape or builder oversights.

In the most basic sense, a home inspector is a qualified professional who visually inspects the structure and components of your home and looks for any immediate or any potential problems.

They also provide a written report to you with a description of problem areas and may also highly recommend for further evaluation. If you like, you can also go over the home inspection report with your real estate agent (or broker) to decide how the results may affect the purchase of your future home.

Through the home inspection process, homebuyers can have a better understanding of their prospective house, which allows them to make informed decisions with confidence. If a homeowner is planning to sell their home, a home inspection can allow them to make repairs that will put their house in better selling condition.

When Does a Home Inspection Happen During a Home Sale?

During a home sale, there are two types of home inspections – a buyer’s inspection and a seller’s inspection (also known as a pre-listing inspection). A buyer’s inspection occurs after the buyer makes an offer on the home before closing the sale. After the inspection, the buyer is in a position to renegotiate their offer or request repairs if specific issues come up.

A seller’s home inspection takes place before the home is listed. Some sellers also choose to get their home inspected when they begin to prepare their house for sale to fix any potential issues beforehand and save time in the closing process.

Is Anyone Allowed or Required to Attend the Inspection?

The home inspection is a valuable experience for both the home buyer and the future homeowner. Your inspector should allow you to attend the inspection, for you to see first-hand what potential problems exist now or may arise sometime in the future. Knowing what is normal and what a problem looks like will help you in maintaining your home later.

How Long Will the Inspection Take?

Knowing the amount of time the inspection will take is important because you usually have to arrange a time with the current owner and the realtor for the inspector to examine the house. Since an inspection generally involves looking at roofing, pipes, wiring, and other areas that may be hard to reach, it can take hours to complete. The Austin home inspector from Home Pro will provide you with an accurate estimate of how long the inspection is expected to take.

Can I Ask The Inspector Questions?

Yes, you should ask questions to your home inspector & always ensure that you fully understand the report. If there are any areas of the report you are unable to grasp, don’t be afraid to ask. You are spending your money after all, and you should make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the investment you are making.

Why should I choose Home Pro Inspection?

Home Pro Inspections is the biggest and most reliable residential and commercial inspection network across Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas, including Central Texas. All our inspectors are fully licensed, professionally trained, and completely insured. Home Pro’s friendly inspectors provide thorough inspections and detailed explanations as well as guaranteed detailed reports.

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